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Collaborative & Innovative Accounting Solutions

Providing a pathway for good decisions and peace of mind for our client partners.

Socius Latin Meaning Partner

Why Us?

We provide client-centric accounting solutions with customized, timely, and accurate deliverables that create clarity for better decision-making for our clients.

Our core focus is to create meaningful and exceptional partnerships.

We build trust in every relationship.

We are committed to efficiency.

We deliver excellent work products on time and error-free.

We pursue knowledge that makes us better partners for our clients.

We take initiative and ownership with our client accounts and our firm.

Why Us

The Problem

All successful businesses demand an ongoing investment of time in relation to the accounting tasks, internal controls, and infrastructure within the company.

Within accounting departments there are Bookkeepers, Controllers, and Chief Financial Officers, each playing a specific and important role.


Most small businesses cannot justify having dedicated staff for these three central functions. As a result, the owner tends to spend valuable time fulfilling these roles which generally is not the best use of the owner’s talent or time.

The Solution

A successful business is in its most productive state when working with professional accountants. Socius Accounting Solutions provides access to professionals trained in all three distinct functions in a collaborative and customizable approach. For example, if the business already has a bookkeeper, Socius works alongside this staff member providing direction and controls.

We offer our customizable services for a fixed, monthly fee that aligns with the client’s particular needs and values.  This provides clear communication on the scope of work and removes the misalignment of understanding that can sometimes exist with the hourly billing model.  With efficiency and expertise at our core, the client is able to save valuable resources on expenses such as salaries, benefits, training, and recruitment.

What makes us unique is our partnership approach. We leverage technology for accurate delivery of this solution in a secure and innovative way that empowers business owners to focus on what they do best.

Our Team

Krista Headshot sm.png

Krista Frohling

Krista Frohling is the President of Socius Accounting Solutions. She brings over 25 years of experience in key financial roles which have enabled her to deliver effective outcomes in the areas of financial analysis, fiscal oversight, accounting, and forecasting. She possesses outstanding knowledge in designing spreadsheets, writing policies, and mitigating financial risk. Having worked with many clients over the years she brings a wide range of understanding about a variety of industries, from wealth and property management to non-profits and family foundations.

Krista graduated from Westmont College with a degree in Economics and Business. She and her husband, Chris, have three sons. Krista places a high value on community service and is actively involved in Santa Barbara.

Our Team

Our Services


  • Process and review daily transactions

  • Oversee payroll and reporting

  • Pay bills and enter deposits

  • Comply with reporting requirements


  • Interpret historical data

  • Develop meaningful reports

  • Oversee compliance and internal controls

  • Analyze initiatives and projects


  • Provide financial leadership

  • Analyze new opportunities for growth

  • Identify and mitigate financial risk

  • Implement special financial projects

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